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Building the Prime Sukkah is easy, and can be done by one person in less than a half hour.

Select the guide based on your Sukkah
2.0 PDF Guide1.0 Guide
Watch our video or follow the step by step guide below
Unbox your Prime Sukkah and separate the parts
4 x Vertical poles
8 x Expandable Horizontal Poles (Has 4 notches)
Oxford Canvas
(Blue & White)
8 x Corner Joints
Joints Marked "A" for Top
Joints Marked "B" for Bottom

Follow these steps to build your Sukkah

Start by inserting all the corner joints into the 4 vertical poles. Place the joints marked “B” on the bottom, and the other joints on the top.
(The vertical poles have 2 hole cutouts, and the horizontal poles have 4 cutouts)
(The bottom is slightly larger than the top)
"B" on bottom
"A" on top
Stand one vertical pole and insert 2 horizontal poles into the bottom joint.
Expand both bottom poles to the size you’d like by pushing the button all the way down and pulling the pole apart from each end.
Repeat the last 2 steps until the frame is built
Prepare the canvas
Smaller than 8 x 8: Use the main (largest) canvas only.
8 x 8 or larger: Attach the Velcro extension to the main canvas
Start by finding the door on the canvas and attaching the top velcro to the top of the sukkah where you’d like the door to be placed.
From the door, go around and attach the Velcro straps from the top down.
Once you made your way around, join the ends of the canvas using the Zipper on each end.
Secure your Sukkah from heavy winds by holding it down. You can use sand bags on the inside in the corners, or use string to secure the Sukkah to a wall or the grass by using ground anchors (sold separately).
Use the provided straps to wrap around the inside of the Sukkah. Start by placing the first string no higher than 9 inches off the ground, and then add 2 additional straps above that, 9 inches apart.

It's time to add the Schach

For each Schach mat: Source 2 or more (2x4) lumber that exceeds the length of the longest size of the sukkah. (According to Halacha1, Schach may not lay directly on metal)
Place the lumber on top of the sukkah, make sure to have a piece of lumber about a foot away from the long edges of the sukkah
Tie down the lumber to the sukkah using a natural string (cotton, hemp, lulav leaves)
Place the Schach mat across the beams and roll it out
Tie down the Schach
Now stand back and take a moment to appreciate your new Sukkah!


Your sukkah is ready.

1.Cited by Rabbi Dan Margulies : Sourced from Shulchan Aruch Orach Chaim 629:7