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Explore our reviews and see why countless customers trust Prime Sukkah for their Sukkot.


Best Sukkah ever!

PrimeSukkahs 2.0 was a game-changer for us.

Elizabeth Levy
Verified Purchase
September 23, 2021

Sturdy & Strong

Schach held up perfectly. Impressed!

Daniel Rubin
Verified Purchase
September 21, 2020

Best gift!

Gifted 1.0 to my son. He loves it. Easy setup.

Rebecca Gold
Verified Purchase
September 5, 2022

Made my Sukkot!

Schach's top quality, and so is customer service.

Joseph Stern
Verified Purchase
August 29, 2021

Loving the 2.0!

Setup was quick, looks great in our yard.

Deborah Hirsch
Verified Purchase
October 8, 2021

Simply the best!

Bought the Schach. PrimeSukkah = quality.

Micah Gross
Verified Purchase
September 19, 2019

Great investment!

Quality time in my quality Sukkah. Worth every penny.

Ruth Rosenberg
Verified Purchase
September 27, 2021

Loving it!

Goodbye nails & hammers. This Sukkah's a gem.

Isaiah Bloom
Verified Purchase
September 15, 2019

Quality Purchase

Schach/Succah quality on point. PrimeSukkah keeps delivering.

Gideon Klein
Verified Purchase
September 3, 2019

Easy Peasy!

Was dreading setup but it was a breeze! Love my Sukkah.

Ezra Shapiro
Verified Purchase
October 4, 2021


Quality, price, ease. All top marks!

Hannah Solomon
Verified Purchase
August 21, 2019

Thumbs up!

Stood up to wind and rain. Very sturdy.

Rivka Polonsky
Verified Purchase
October 2, 2019

All Set!

Bought Schach every yr. as my family grew BH. PrimeSukkah quality is unmatched.

Esther Schwartz
Verified Purchase
October 12, 2020

Goodbye to old ways!

My old Sukkah was a pain. This is so much better.

Joshua Feldstein
Verified Purchase
August 28, 2019

Top-notch service!

Fast ship, great customer service. 10/10.

Sarah Lieberman
Verified Purchase
September 19, 2019

Happy family times!

Kiddos loved helping with the setup. Quality family time.

Benjamin Rosenthal
Verified Purchase
September 5, 2020

A breeze to set up!

No manual needed. Got 1.0 up in no time. Recommending!

Rebecca Feldman
Verified Purchase
August 30, 2022

Fantastic buy!

First-timer here. The 2.0 is easy & looks elegant. Happy Sukkot!

David Grossman
Verified Purchase
August 16, 2021

Best decision!

Got the Schach in '19 and Sukkah in '22. PrimeSukkah never disappoints.

Sara Zimmerman
Verified Purchase
October 5, 2021

Happy Customer

Bought the Schach. Fantastic quality. Looking at Sukkah next.

Great Sukkah, easy setup, and didn't break the bank!
Verified Purchase
September 20, 2021

Real Value!

Great Sukkah, easy setup, and didn't break the bank!

Moses Heller
Verified Purchase
October 11, 2021


Saw a friend's last year. Got 1.0 myself. Impressive quality.

Eli Weiss
Verified Purchase
July 23, 2022

Excited for 2.0!

Just ordered Sukkah 2.0.

Aaron Levi
Verified Purchase
July 1, 2023

Loved it!

Got Sukkah 1.0. It's really sturdy. Excited for the holidays.

Rachel Katz
Verified Purchase
October 1, 2022

Quick Setup!

Schach since '19. Sukkah 1.0 last yr. Both excellent.

Miriam Stein
Verified Purchase
June 20, 2023

Schach Perfect!

Always top quality, lasts and looks great.

Leah Goldstein
Verified Purchase
August 25, 2023

Just Upgraded!

Got the 2.0, a clear upgrade! Assembled in 20 mins. Can't wait for Sukkot.

Samuel Rosenberg
Verified Purchase
September 18, 2023

No more DIY!

Goodbye old DIY Sukkah. Hello Sukkah 1.0. Life's easier now.

Jacob Silverman
Verified Purchase
September 3, 2022

Been using this sukkah for 3 years already.

No issues so far, the sukkah and schach we got from you guys is still in great condition. Thank you!

Bina Wizman
Verified Purchase
September 15, 2021

Needless to say we are very satisfied

No complaints. Sukkah arrived fast and is so easy to put together. Thank you....

Henry Benzion
Verified Purchase
September 8, 2020

Prime Sukkah is TOP

My sukkah was lost in transit but prime sent a new one right away with express shipping. Great customer service, thank you 🔥

Rivka Zulaf
Verified Purchase
August 30, 2018

3 days to FL!

Shipping was fast and service was on point. Our area was windy during sukkos but the sukkah held up. 100% recommended.

Shlomo Heller
Verified Purchase
October 2, 2019

Pleasantly surprised

We were able to build the sukkah without reading the instructions, it's pretty much self explanatory. The sukkah is heavy and gets the job done.

Ester Sasson
Verified Purchase
September 27, 2019

Great sukkah overall 💪💪

We needed a sukkah last minute and found prime sukkah, was the perfect price and shipping was fast. Overall recommend.

Daniel Hazan
Verified Purchase
September 30, 2019